Emily & Pubertina-Los Angeles Portrait Photography

This is my dear friend Emily Brundige. She is an animator, puppeteer, all around super girl and human time capsule. As adorable as she is brilliant, she is also the creator of the wonderfully awkward and seriously menstrual doll, “Pubertina”. She asked me to take some portraits of her and her doll and I came running with my camera in hand. Thanks, Emily, for a wonderfully fun and awesomely back to the future photo shoot. I look forward to many more groovy collaborations together. I dig you, dear heart. Anyone who makes a doll that is perpetually on their period is A-OK in my book. Onward to the photos!

Oh, and for the full Pubertina effect, watch some of Emily’s genius below…


  • Kitty - HA HA oh – I **LOVED** these. Though I must admit it has a lot to do with the humor involved. But every single shot! You managed to fully capture the full on sense of fun and frolic and the shots are gorgeous! Emily looks beautiful – the lighting, the colors, ‘caught glances’ with and without the glasses, really wonderful. I think one of my fav’s is the one of her with Pubertina nearly in Emily’s mouth oh wait, Ok, no we also really loved the diner shots with the milkshake?? wonderful! The greatest part of these photos is they’re so connected and alive, really making a person smile. (great video too, hope it’s a huge success!)

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