Elisabeth Rosen-Los Angeles Headshot Photography

Elisabeth Rosen is a brilliant actress. Professional and poised, her energy harkens to a time gone by, yet her jubilant and joyous presence is as fresh as a gerber daisy.

She has played opposite Gene Wilder, appeared on “The West Wing” and been a regular on several Sci-Fi TV shows including “Caprica” and “Stargate SG-1”.

Her energy is commanding and her chameleon like charm was a hoot to witness. Shooting her was marvelous. She lives in Vancouver but was here in LA recently for a commercial gig. She needed new headshots while she was here and contacted me. I’m glad she did. I wanted to give her not just headshots, but real personality portraits.

She arrived back in Vancouver a few days ago, texted me today and said, “The pictures are AMAZING. Light and color and yes yes yes! You are very talented and my agent said these were my best photos ever. Thank you!”.

That is why I love what I do. I’m a problem solver.

When my client is delighted the problem is solved.

PS: Elisabeth recently gave up smoking regular cigarettes and smoked an e-cigarette for most of our shoot. Pretty much non stop. Between Elisabeth’s 70’s vibes and the cigs, I felt like I was shooting a combination of  Annie Hall and Katharine Hepburn in 1939. I can’t think of a better combo.

  • Kitty - These photos of Elisabeth – extraordinary. What I love about your work when the ‘magic happens’ or ‘hits you’ – you manage to take us by the hand pulling us into another world through your lens. Beautiful lighting, focus (or beautiful ‘blurs and frames’ surrounding Elisabeth). Soft, powerful, ‘thunderous silence’ – with stunning femininity and brilliant shine. Beautiful girl, beautiful photography!! Hoping to see more sometime very soon.

  • Jacqui Streber (Troyer) - I stumbled across these pictures of Elisabeth; they are wonderful. You captured her so well. She is breathtakingly beautiful. She has not aged a day in 20 years

  • Vance - I searched for Elisabeth Rosen after she caught my eye in the role of a soldier (Kolibri) in the TV series Caprica. I must say that I am amazed by these photos of her. Her face and the emotions conveyed by her eyes made my eyes water with tears. I am thankful to her and the photographer for these photos.

  • Dominik Bollinger - She is so beautiful And Sweet
    I love her ❤️

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